Bushwick's Top Geo-Modeler

My mission is geo-modeling – creating accurate, photographic 3D models of existing buildings and landmarks in our world, and posting them to the virtual world of Google Earth. The Models must represent something actually here on Earth in a specific location — no Dragons or Dreamhouses are allowed.

Here is the situation: Bushwick needs geo-models. These buildings have history and character, there is street art everywhere, and I intend to put them on the map. My goal is to post a completed model for every building in the Industrial Business Zone of Bushwick before September 1, 2011. (updated: don't be absurd and grandiose, just make geo-models, make them well, and make them as fast as quality allows. Pick out interesting places and important landmarks. Do good work.)

This image represents a realistic, but still somewhat heroic, amount of work:

The Area Surrounding 538 Johnson. Wyckoff Hospital in Lower Right, 3rd Ward in Upper Left.

When I started there were no buildings in the 3D layer of Google Earth in Bushwick – there was a vast, empty, flat stretch of satellite image rooftops.

It takes a person on the ground in the target area to complete this project – Google has not released perspective satellite imagery in our area. My tools are Sketchup, digital cameras, and Photoshop, food, the Internet… the usual.

Here's more on Geo-Modeling. I encourage you to join me. You can find me as user Bryan Sears in the Google Sketchup Warehouse to see the models I have already created.