Schamonchi Ferry

The mythic urban pirateship is in the IBZ – this article in the times sums it up. The comments have been turned off, but at the time I read the article, someone had written, in response to the "unknown" location of the boat: "found it. took about 5 minutes on Google Maps." oh no wait here it is
So there it was, sitting right around the block from me. I went out on a Schamonchi hunt one night, and found that it is completely, near completely hidden from view, as I walked both sides of the canal. I did get some glimpses of it, but none good enough to make a model of. The photos I used to make the model I found from various sources online.

The MV Schamonchi with 538 Johnson in the background.

This is as close as I personally got to the boat.

I have a less blurry picture but i like this one for its bigfoot-like mystery.
Not a building in the IBZ, but certainly part of what makes this area what it is now. Here is the Brooklyn Pirates' blog.