Cheap Storage

Geo-Locating the Model in Google Earth —
the footprint of the building is the foundation for the model.

The massing of the model, using photos for reference.

The finished geometry of the model. This is quite a few polygons, a lot of detail.
It may be rejected as unnecessarily complex.

Retouching out powerlines.

Aligning the tower, eliminating the keystone perspective.
I also combined another photo of the lower level to remove the fence in the foreground.

I found the best solution to keeping the wrap of the art around the tower was to make one piece.
 I tried every other way first, using individual parts , it just wasn't working tonight. 

Comparing the height of the model to the photo — unless I have specific
measurement of the building, this is eyeball work. However I can use features such as doors 
and windows to make a good guess. Most standard doors are about 7 feet high.
Note the power lines have been removed in the model.