Geo-smackdown! (not Bushwick-related.)

Victory is ours! Last night, while we slept, my model of the William Volker Building (Cornish College of the Arts) went live on GE, replacing an inferior model.

The sun rises on the William Volker Building in Seattle

Apparently, I didn't use too many polys on the parapet. A word on that – if you note the shadows along the entrance facade, with the pilasters and tower detail, those are 90% photographic detail, illusion.

The pilasters along the facade are photographic, not polygonal.

I used the polygons to continue the pilasters above the parapet, but the shapes and shadows of the crowning details and flutes are photographic— not polygonal detail.

Go fighting Hens! You can see the model at 1000 Lenora, Seattle, Washington.

P.S. Mahlum architects ignored my requests for any plans and photos they have of the facade.