220 Ingraham: NY Studio Factory

Perspective Elevation of 220 Ingraham.

Above the roof of 220 Ingraham, facing 538 Johnson and Manhattan.
Being able to see the roof of most of these buildings so far has let me get specific about what's going on up there. This gets more difficult as I get further away from 538. I had to walk up Wyckoff ave, which is a slight incline, right about up to Northeast Kingdom, just enough so i could get a shot of the NYSTUDIOFACTORY wall. There were a few wires in the way which I photoshopped out.

Above the roof of 538 Johnson, facing Flushing Ave: 220 Ingraham and the Nightmare Factory.

The Longest Facade remains to be finished.

Building the Water Tower. The supports are a repeating .png file.

The fence and gate are incomplete, otherwise we are finished.